Case Mincon Inc.: Distribution channels monitoring brought to a new level.

We help Mincon Group North America to understand better their clients and what is happening in their sales channels, by visualizing it all, in real time.

One of the best known names in the world of mining and infrastructure, when it comes to hard rock drilling, Mincon Inc, a subsidiary of Mincon Group Plc (DUB) wanted to drill deeper into their field operations, gather better market understanding and visualize their sales channel operations and actions.

The Rudolf fills a white space within the CRM segment, creating “Smart sales tools apps”. This category comprises of sales and operational field force related apps, which are not CRM, but can increase the productivity of CRM and ERP. Or in some cases, these tools can be used as “stand alone”, replacing CRM altogether.

CEO of Nordic Industries Development, Juha Seppänen, says that MINCON Inc. is using the visual sales tool to receive a total visibility of their operations in North America. “We consulted the client. Being sales channel specialists, we built processes around the Rudolf platform.”

Basically this means, that everyone will immediately be able to see what is the situation, what has been done and what needs to be done next. But, there is also more than that. The whole system and methodology designed enables the client to visualize actions at all levels of their sales channels. “No CRM or ERP has been able to provide this type of information the way we do, visually.” Juha Seppänen adds.

Leveraging on new type of user experience, interactive visualization and mobility, The Rudolf also eliminates unnecessary reporting and email interactions. According to Mincon Inc. CEO Tom Purcell “using The Rudolf’s inbuilt reporting tool, the HQ obtains consistent and systematic client and market insights in real time. This is more powerful for data query purposes than written reports, that nobody has time to write and read. And, worst of all, you can’t really filter reports.”

The fact that MINCON Inc. saw the value in The Rudolf proves that a smart sales tool, which is nimble, easy to use and made essentially to answer the needs of sales people, is the future tool for dynamic and growth driven companies, who do not want the implementation burden of big and heavy CRM and all related apps.



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