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Our story starts in 1994 in Finland, with group of sales professionals and globally operating sales channel developers and managers (www.nordic-industries.com).

Ever since, we’ve been working all over the world, doing business development for our clients and helping them to sort out their sales channel and dealer issues with too many CRMs and spreadsheets to count—none of which were helping us do our jobs any better.

In 2015, after more than 20 years of frustration, we finally started talking about what was missing in the market:

    1. None of the existing systems and methods addressed the real problems within sales channels and the process itself: the actions.
    2. The CRM tools we’d been using were not – and still are not – made for sales professionals. Instead, they’re designed for management and analysts.
    3. Although user-friendly and mobile, these systems were always – and still are – too focused on lead generation, funnel and web analytics.

As we all know, however, there is so much more behind the successful sales.

But, more importantly, the digitalization is changing the sales dynamics. The interaction with dealer and other channel partner is becoming more complicated and complex.

The most dynamics and sales driven companies are also moving from old “one directional model to dealer centric bi-directional collaboration” which emphasizes the shared effort to generate and share market information and customer insights.

Thus, we created a tool that empowers the user and makes sales people’s lives easier, especially on the road and with clients. We focused on innovative user logic, superb visuals and streamlined reporting functionalities for sales people to be more effective in their work. At the same time, it provides management with a fast visual understanding of what is happening and who is doing (or not doing) what.

To accomplish this, we developed a solution that combines the critical tools of modern corporate sales reporting systems with an intuitive collaboration platform for stakeholders who do not have access to corporate ecosystems.

With sales offices in Finland and the USA, The Rudolf was officially spun-off from Nordic Industries in late 2017.

And why the name? The same way the fabled Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer is visible with his nose in the night sky, all actions are visible to everyone. The Rudolf is also the leader of the pack, the favorite and indispensable travel friend of Santa. And of course, without him there would be no presents. So, The Rudolf delivers!

Juha Seppänen / CEO

Juha Seppänen / CEO

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