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Rudolf is the best tool to understand and manage your sales channels.

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The Rudolf App transforms challenges of managing sales channels into possibilities.

See and share all the information with your partners and don’t miss anything: where the sales and actions are happening, what has been done and what should happen next. 


Get the Global View

With The Rudolf, you can see everything what is going on with just one click. 

Our superb visualization gives you instantaneous situational awareness of your process status, sales actions, inventories, logistics, customer feedback, market information and much more. 

See the colorful dots corresponding to the action status within the process, click and dig in deeper to understand what is happening. Or not happening and why.

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Bring Together 
all the players in the field

With Rudolf, you can work and collaborate with your sales channel partners as if they were part of your own company. 

With our customizable and easy-to-use platform you can measure activities, compare progress, gather information using questionaires, allocate actions and enhance collaboration. 

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Collaborative - The Rudolf


Fast to deploy and easy to learn and use

The Rudolf ensures quick implementation with minimal training needed. Our user-focused approach accommodates varying IT skills for fast adaptation – just in few hours! Full basic deployment within two days without hassle. Easy integrations with ERP…

It is super easy to use and customize for your processes and working habits.

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Fast and easy - The Rudolf


A Different Approach brings Cost Effectiveness 

We help you hit the ground running by building up with you the right processes and can also sort out your data and information — because we know your business!

The Rudolf's quick deployment and user-friendly interface enable rapid adoption saving resources.

Remember, we are sales channel specialists who developed an IT solution for our clients’ needs!

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Share insight about 
the markets and end customers

Follow sales activities and situations, whether it’s the client, product, project, warranty or maintenance contract or something else.

See exactly what happens and where

Gain the ultimate situational awareness and see product or project specific actions at one look to dig in deeper to find relevant information and data. 

Customize and expand with your own views

We can also integrate and visualize other information and data, such as sales figures, from other applications.

Visualize and measure actions and sales to follow progress easily

Follow up actions and sales progress compared to earlier months or years with easy KPIs. 


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Channel Management

We're not just selling software; we're offering a transformative experience that revolutionizes the way businesses approach sales channel management.

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