Ask yourself a simple question:

How much do you value your dealer collaboration?

Increase your sales productivity

Is your channel partner collaboration on the level you would want it to be?

In order to excel in selling through physical B2B sales channels, you need a tool to share information and insights bi-directionally with your partners.

 Interact and commit your partners and yourself to same goals.

Understand your markets by generating real insights and strategic market information. Don´t rely only on sales statistics.

Having your sales channel information shared in real time, you are able to analyze faster and make better decisions.


Do you have accurate enough market information to manage the channels?

Do you really understand everything needed to manage your channel sales effectively?  The Rudolf logic is based on generating specific and consistent market information and insights in collaboration with your partners in real time.

You know what are the key questions in selling your product. With The Rudolf you can design your country and segment specific questionnaires.

The Rudolf reporting is easy and freely modifiable.

Efficient, whole system wide easy filtering for summarizing valuable strategic insight fast.


Does your market understanding allow you to target your sales accurately?

Understanding market sizes, shares, trends and dynamics are crucial part of being able to accurately estimate sales and create achievable outcomes with partners. Gather these insights and information efficiently with The Rudolf.

Easy targeting feature allows you to set targets for specific periods for desired areas and teams.

Illustrative visual sales target monitoring allows everybody to see  how targets are met, whether you want to see it regionally, dealer specifically or from any other point of view.


Do your channel partners sell your product the most efficient way?

The Rudolf allows you to guide your partner sales through the insight shared and focus on the relevant. It can also be extended perfectly to be used with modern presentation platforms, which allows you to establish even more precise link between your sales presentation and outcomes.

Guiding your partners to ask the right questions is enabling them to sell better

Unify your sales pitch between you and your sales partners. Aim to get everyone knowing the key questions, biggest benefits and other value arguments in your sales.

Extend and integrate The Rudolf to modern presentation platforms to direct the sales event even more to right direction.


The Rudolf advantages

Easy and visual

The Rudolf is designed for the needs of sales channel professionals and management. It does not include the whole spectrum of CRM functionalities focusing on SOME feed, for example, but offering the relevant and necessary features to understand actions behind the pipeline. It is designed from the point of view of these end users and dealers sales people. It is easy to use having  great visualization, bringing the real-time situational awareness to higher level.

Track all parties in your channel

The Rudolf was designed specifically to help companies to visualize what is happening in physical B2B sales channels. This means that also channel partners and other 3rd parties having a role can be onboarded to The Rudolf.

Fast Deployment

Deploying The Rudolf does´t require lengthy process and lot of resources. It was designed especially to the conditions, where huge amount of training is not an option. Implementation, onboarding and scaling can be done very fast. The Rudolf is an independent application that can be integrated to your ERP and CRM, as well as other tools.

Focus on Tangible Actions

The sales figures, as main indicator of how sales are going, tell usually only half of the story. The idea behind The Rudolf functionality is to understand what actions, market factors and product factors influence those figures. Only by knowing these, you can fully understand certain market dynamics and true potential for your products.

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