Luxottica Retail Group is managing their sales and retail channels with The Rudolf in North America

LUXOTTICA GROUP NORTH AMERICA, the biggest premium, luxury and sports eyewear retailer in the world, use The Rudolf as a mobile retail and operations platform tool to visualize and improve operations management and enhance internal process control in their retail stores nationwide.
With over 2 500 retail stores in North America, LUXOTTICA GROUP owns brands such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, Prada, Sunglass Hut, Target Opticals and Lens Crafters just to name a few. Luxottica took The Rudolf to fill a gap in their IT-infrastructure, that no other software was able to do. They wanted to first of all, improve the information flow between the retail stores and the management, so that lag in crucial core processes, which directly affect the sales, would be minimized. The application needed to be simple enough to implement, easy for everybody to learn fast and visually effective, when it comes to illustrating different situations. Their own CRM system was too heavy, uncustomizable and not modern enough from the user experience point of view to be an alternative. By taking The Rudolf they gained easy situational awareness, enhanced communication in their core processes and took their market information gathering on new level. The fact that LUXOTTICA RETAIL GROUP saw the value in The Rudolf proves that sales channel management tool, which is nimble, easy to use and made essentially to answer the needs of channel managers and partners, is the future tool for dynamic and growing companies in managing their sales channels.


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