Report effortlessly during the meeting, gather customer feedback & market insights. Focus only on essential information.

At last, reports that are worth reading.

Nobody likes writing reports. And reading them is an even greater waste of time because the information is usually hard to translate into actionable insights in real time.
In many sales channel structures, important market information and insights never make it out of the sales rep’s head. And if it does, it’s even harder to find in the piles of outdated reports.

The Rudolf’s reporting module helps you sell better by focusing on the essential information. Our innovative user logic and interface helps you create a more structured sales pitch, saving you time and organizational resources.

The Rudolf lets you gather systematic and consistent information and insights in real time, so you can filter the information and process it into meaningful, actionable reports anytime. No more time spent building sales strategies based on inaccurate market information.

Which would you rather have? Answers to five or 10 client- and market-specific questions that are easy to filter and turn into actionable insights for sales people and teams? Or one written report that contains information that can’t be filtered, isn’t relevant and is most likely already out of date.

The world has changed, and the way face-to-face sales visits are reported and recorded hasn’t. Until now.

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