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Our user licenses adapt to your needs. Our pricing policy defers depending on the amount of users and their roles (roles come with their respective funtionality sets). If you choose the Enterprise edition we personally
assist you in creating sales channel processes and implementing The Rudolf.
We will also manage the roll out and monitor and support you in reaching your goals.We offer a free demo version of the software so you can witness the efficiency in real-life.
The free version is also customized to your specific business case.


Demo version
  • Try the application
  • Free assisted set-up
  • Demo based on your sales channel characteristics
  • 2 weeks free trial


Per user
  • License fees depend on the amount of users and their roles
  • Assisted set-up
  • Limited integration to existing systems included
  • Custom support


Software + consultation
  • Complete implementation
  • Roll out management
  • Integation to existing systems
  • Extended support & consulting on adapting The Rudolf to your Sales Channels

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