Only Essentials

The Rudolf goes deep into the actual sales process to provide only the essential information sales professionals and their managers need to have at their fingertips.

We know that the number one issue that sales managers struggle with is sifting through enormous amounts of information just to see what their teams and channel partners are doing in the field. The Rudolf allows managers, teams, and stakeholders to work in collaboration, track activity in real time, assign responsibilities and make more accurate sales forecasts based on gathering and reporting only the most essential and actionable information throughout your channel.

But most important, The Rudolf enables insight into what is happening inside your leads from various perspectives, allowing you to drill down into the process within the process.

For example, if your lead is doing piloting, you can see the status of every stage with just a few clicks. And each vertical can has its own process stage and customizable questionnaires.

When you have clear, definitive and actionable information at your fingertips, you can plan your next steps effectively with obtainable outcomes.

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