We Are Different

Rather than simply reproducing an old fashioned CRM in a mobile format, The Rudolf is built on new user logic that employs an engaging user experience designed specifically for sales professionals. We’ve stripped out all unnecessary. Most important, now sales people can work “on the go”, whenever and wherever.

What makes The Rudolf Different?

Rudolf is the tool for people who do not like reporting or do not have a time to write reports. Or to the ones, who do not have time to read them.

No More reporting

Most meeting reports contain non-quantifiable information. Rudolf has an innovative reporting module that allows you to gather systematic and structured market information and identify valuable customer insights.

The Rudolf changes the way you see and manage your sales channels throughout your entire sales network.

Focus on actions, not lead generation

We challenge typical “lead-based’ silo and funnel-feed logic. Instead of organizing processes and monitoring leads, The Rudolf focuses on visualizing tangible actions and monitoring their outcomes in real time.

Find answers and see your entire sales picture in “Two swipes or less!”

Advanced user logic

Rudolf is an intuitive app that gives you instant insights and situational understanding in real time.

Control what´s happening around you: Identify insights, monitor activity and outcomes, visually and in real time.

It is one step further from mobile CRM

We stripped down all unnecessary CRM clutter and features and built the functions that enable you to focus on monitoring actionables in real time.

Traditional CRMs were not made by sales channel specialists for sales channel management.

The Rudolf was designed specifically to help companies to visualize what is happening in sales channels.

We believe that actions talk louder than pipeline.

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