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It all began in 1994 in Finland with a team of sales professionals and globally operating sales channel developers and managers at Nordic Industries (www.nordic-industries.com).

Since then, we've been working worldwide, assisting clients in business development and resolving sales channel, market development and dealer management related issues, amidst a sea of ineffective CRMs and spreadsheets.

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The Rudolf  – From Sales Professionals, to Sales Professionals.


In 2017, we embarked on developing customized versions of The Rudolf for our major stocklisted consulting clients, who faced common challenges prevalent in today's business landscape:

  1. Existing systems failed to address core issues within sales channels and processes:
    · Overemphasis on sales targets overshadowed understanding channel dynamics and actions taken.
    · Traditional CRM tools were ill-suited for sales channel management.
  2. Despite being user-friendly and mobile, systems prioritized lead generation and web analytics, neglecting the essence of sustained customer relationships built on consistent actions and immediate issue resolution.

The future of sales channel management lies not solely in sales but in collaborative efforts among stakeholders. As digitalization reshapes sales dynamics, the interaction between manufacturers, dealers, and other channel partners becomes increasingly intricate.

The Rudolf combines superb interactive visuals and maps, innovative and different user logic, user-centric design, critical features of modern corporate sales reporting systems with an intuitive collaboration platform for stakeholders outside the corporate ecosystem.

Our unique value proposition lies in the hands-on support and consulting provided by Nordic Industries Development Oy, ensuring clients not only master The Rudolf but also build winning sales channel and operational processes around its functionalities. We help The Rudolf users to optimize sales channel performance, monitor progress based on actions and collaborate better with channel partners.

As for the name, inspired by Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, The Rudolf symbolizes visibility and leadership, akin to the guiding light in the night sky. Just as Rudolf is indispensable to Santa, The Rudolf delivers essential insights and solutions to our clients.

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At Rudolf we're more than just software providers — we're partners in your success. With over 25 years of experience specializing in sales channels, we understand the intricacies of your business and tailor our solutions accordingly.

We offer personalized support through face-to-face training sessions and accessible assistance, empowering you with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive. 

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Our Customer Cases

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“Lot of flexibility to customize – Questions, adding new modules, changing the report structure. Never seen a platform that allows all these customizations so quickly and at such a great price”

Manpreet Saini, 
Senior Manager, Luxottica Retail

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