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Having a clear visual understanding of the situation makes it easier to make the right decisions. Try for yourself with a free two week demo. 

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Effortless flow to success


How to access your client’s information on-the-go?

Empower the user and make sales people’s lives easier. 


The map focused information display enables with one look to plan your next trip and view the status of your clients.  


Thanks to our streamlined reporting functionalities you can have a fast access to all recent actions related to your clients, giving you the whole picture of the case

The Mobile - The Rudolf


Do you have the essential market intelligence needed to efficiently manage your sales channels and operations?

The Rudolf ‘s customizable questionaires are a game changer

Ask the right questions

Each division in the company has questions they need to ask to perform better. Build  your own product, service or process related questionnaires with ease. 

Get the relevant information

Experience effortless and customizable Rudolf reporting. Understand your clients, markets, CAPEX… The Rudolf questionnaires can bring you answers.

Summarize, share and react

Streamline your information gathering and see the whole picture with our comprehensive system-wide filtering capabilities for rapid summarization.

Questionnaires - The Rudolf


How do you visualize key information?

The Rudolf map gives you an understanding of market sizes, clients, actions and dynamics to drive achievable outcomes with your partners.


Filter visually your information, understand more and collaborate better by setting objectives for your teams and channel partners.

Track progress visually

Dynamic visual representations of sales actions offer transparent insights into progress, whether viewed by region, dealer, or any other customized perspective.

Maps - The Rudolf


Do you have a global view of your sales channels?

See immediately action levels and progress for each of your products or services. 


Instantly see on your client’s page all products and services that have been proposed or sold recently and their related documents, even the ones handled by your colleagues.

Standardize sales strategies 

Harmonize your sales messaging and actions with your team and partners. Ensure everyone is aligned on the essential value propositions in your common sales efforts.

Integrate with presentation platforms

Extend and integrate The Rudolf to modern presentation platforms to direct the sales pitch across your sales channels.

All in one - The Rudolf

the ultimate collaborative app

Work seamlessly together

Experience collaboration and coordination at their best with The Rudolf. 

Empower your channel partners to work together effectively, fostering transparent and mutually beneficial relationships. The Rudolf App emphasizes actions that drive sales and enhance customer engagement, ensuring a cohesive and productive partnership ecosystem.

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the rudolf 

Easy and Visual

Rudolf was tailored for sales pros and managers on the move. Its sleek visuals elevate real-time awareness, from KPIs to action maps, all on one user-friendly page. 

Get the info you need, hassle-free. 

Fast Deployment

Rudolf is built for quick implementation without extensive training. 

It seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, offering swift onboarding and scalability.

Track Your Channels’ Actions

The Rudolf enables companies to visualize B2B sales channel activities, including those of partners and third parties.

Emphasize Tangible Actions

Sales figures only reveal part of the story. Rudolf delves deeper to uncover the actions, market variables, and product factors driving those numbers. Understanding these dynamics unlocks your product's true market potential.


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