Easy to Use

As the old saying goes, some things are “easier said than done.” We say, “If something is easy to use and fast to learn, it will be done.” Complicated sales tools that take too long to learn and deploy, or don’t help your team work more efficiently, won’t be adopted and will quickly become obsolete.

Modern sales tools need to be easy, nimble, fast and fun to use. We think most mobile CRM sales tools aren´t made for information hungry and ambitious sales people. They do not go deep enough. They do not tell you “what is the story behind your sales”.

The easier they are to use, the more valuable input you get from your sales people and channel partners, leading to better understanding and customer experience.

You need A Smart Sales Channel Tool “The Rudolf” to maximize and augment the capabilities of your CRM or ERP.

But, you can also use it as stand alone to replace your CRM, if you do not need all the bells and whistles.

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