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The Rudolf is heading to Slush after winning Tampere area pre-qualification!

The Rudolf is present at the world´s leading startup event Slush in December!

Miracle-Ear is managing their retail channels with The Rudolf in Canada

The Rudolf, a Nordic Industries Development spin-off, is now a proven supplier of innovative sales channel management platform for Miracle-Ear Canada, the world biggest provider of hearing aid devices.

Mincon Inc. USA is managing their sales channels with The Rudolf

We help Mincon Group North America to understand better their clients and what is happening in their sales channels, by visualizing it all, in real time.


Better information means better efficiency and results. But how do we establish solid processes for gathering better information?

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Completely integrated company IT infrastructure – The future or a daydream?

Many companies are facing the fact, that one system doesn´t serve fully all the operational areas related to their business. Having more than one system often raises the question of integration need.

Luxottica Retail Group is managing their sales and retail channels with The Rudolf in North America

The Rudolf, a spin-off, previously owned by Nordic Industries Development Oy, delivered LUXOTTICA GROUP NORTH AMERICA, the biggest premium, luxury and sports eyewear retailer in the world, a mobile retail and operations platform tool to visualize and improve operations management and enhance internal process control in their retail stores nationwide.

Are we getting it all wrong when choosing a CRM?

If the National Tennis Federation would oblige all their athletes to play with the same type of racket, do you think the pros would agree and play better?

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