Polarmatic widens the use of The Rudolf to include global service contracts by third party

You can follow perfectly also other processes than sales activities with The Rudolf. One example is maintenance operations.

Polarmatic Oy, a long term customer of The Rudolf is a world leading developer and supplier of innovative heating, curing, cooling, control and information management solutions, specifically developed for concrete industry, has been an amazing partner and client for us, giving us ideas how to maximize the potential of our tool for their industry.

Polarmatic Oy uses the Rudolf, not only for sales action reporting, channel management and insight gathering, but also monitoring their service contracts executed by third party. Now they know what is happening in maintenance operations in real time, globally.

This new process visualization they structured themselves allows for them:

  • Coordinate and monitor how the maintenance operations have progressed per maintenance truck
  • See and react to the maintenance related issues faster
  • Assist the maintenance partners better
  • Enhacing their market and customer understanding by gathering information directly from the maintenance visits from the end user.

This means that they get customer insight for possible upcoming needs directly from the reports done by maintenance partner, in real time. This improves Polarmatic’s ability to provide better customer experience through their service partners. The Rudolf increases the customer value for the whole service chain.

The Rudolf is easy and fast tool for efficient organizations and sales teams as well maintenance teams.

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